Students perform best at Lunchtime, says Times Study

A study conducted by the Times has concluded that University students perform best, in that they learn well and are more active and lively, at Lunchtime, and don’t perform well beforehand.

This has raised some questions about the logic of having lectures at 9AM, given how students, many of which go out drinking and go to bed late as a result, do not function properly before lunchtime.

We interviewed some students to get their views on this.

We first interviewed two post-grad Psychology students, named Lauren Dolphin and Katie Raine.

We then interviewed a BSc Genetics student named Sam Hopkins.

Samuel Hopkins 01.02.2018
Samuel Hopkins, a BA Genetics student kind enough to give us his views. Picture: Rhiannon Bevan/

Finally, we interviewed first year BA Politics & Human Rights student Julius Lukosious, who is from Lithuania.

University News: Rail and bus fares hike leaves students late for lectures and strapped for cash

A First Essex bus. Photo: David McKay

Several student commuters to the University have been voicing their dissatisfaction with the price of rail and bus tickets, and the quality of the services, as it has left a lot of them out of pocket, with many surmising that they’re not getting value for money, and some even late for lectures.

At the start of 2018, Greater Anglia instituted a price hike of 3.4%, their biggest rise in fares since 2013 saw a price hike of 3.9%.

First Essex also instituted a price hike, but the percentage of the price hike has not been included on their website. It is clear, however, that prices have risen, as a student’s season pass (three months) now costs £160.

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University News: Essex Health Centre faces backlash over poor treatment

The Health Centre at the University of Essex. Photo: HK Norman

Complaints and criticism of the University Health Centre has led to questions being raised as to whether the Health Centre is doing its job, and whether the University its getting value for money.

The University of Essex pays Rowhedge Medical Practice for the provision of Health Centre Services on campus, including appointments, emergency nurse meetings, and psychiatric help. While we have contacted both the University and the Medical Practice to ask how much the University pays the Practice on multiple occasions, they have not responded.

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Corbyn’s response to the budget

Here is a summary of the key points Jeremy Corbyn made in his response to the budget. The full speech can be found here, or you can watch the embedded video above.

On the budget generally

It’s a record of failure with a forecast of more to come …

The test of a budget is how it affects the reality of people’s lives all around this country. I believe as the days go ahead and this budget unravels, the reality will be a lot of people will be no better off and the misery many are in will be continuing.

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Live blog: Prime Minister’s Questions & Budget Day

13:41 – And that’s it. I will publish Corbyn’s response in full later, along with my analysis of the budget.

Analysis: The Westminster Sex Scandal is probably the beginning of May’s downfall

Gavin Williamson, the new Defence Secretary, in Downing Street, London. Photograph: David Mirzoeff/PA

Had Theresa May been in a stronger position, with a high personal approval rating, a majority government, no government sex scandal, and not making an absolute mess of the Brexit negotiations, one would call the appointment of Gavin Williamson as Secretary of State for Defence a brilliant move. He is a ruthless political operator, and the one person you’d want most in a top cabinet job.

Given his record as PPS to David Cameron and Chief Whip to Theresa May, one might assume that he’d been taking notes from the late Ian Richardson’s portrayal of Francis Urquhart in the BBC’s House of Cards Trilogy. He is ruthless, effective, and, given his extensive knowledge on just about every member of the Parliamentary Conservative Party, knows exactly how to manipulate his colleagues in order to get exactly what he wants.

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President picks fight with New Scotland Yard during London terror investigation

Following this morning’s tragic terrorist attack on London, the President of the United States, Donald Trump, appeared to pick a fight with New Scotland Yard on Twitter.

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