You know what? Screw it. #EnMarche

Despite whatever reservations I may have had about Emmanuel Macron in the past, he might be the last hope the Progressive Left has in Europe to make a comeback.
As much as I like Benoit Hamon, and as much as I think he would make an absolutely fantastic President of France, I do not believe he’d be able to get the support of the French electorate he would need to be elected, which is unfortunate, as not only is he a talented politician, he is a perfect example of the radicalism that defines the French left, and French politics as a whole.

However, I think if Macron had any sense at all, which I believe he does, he would bring talented politicians like Benoit Hamon and Arnaud Montebourg into his government should he win the Presidency.
Those who know me best know I have my share of differences with Monsieur Macron. He is a pro-business centrist, and I am a democratic socialist. But this is not a time for the left to get bogged down in ideological differences. When all is said and done, no matter where you fall on the left, we all share one common goal, which is a fairer future for everyone. Unlike those on the Right, we believe that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, that the bottom 99% should be held in priority over the top 1%.
Emmanuel Macron is not perfect, but at least he listens to the people, and if the people shout loudly enough, he will push through at the very least a centre-left, social democratic programme. This will provide the basis for something more radical to come. The change needs to be gradual. If we jump straight to a radical agenda, it will collapse. Emmanuel Macron will be a good start, he will get the gears turning.
Not only that, he will restore France as a beacon of freedom, hope, and solidarity. Above all, he will show the world that the Progressive movement has not seen its final days.
We need to keep the movement alive, and keep the hope of a fairer future for all alive.
So while I can’t vote, I am enthusiastically placing my support behind Emmanuel Macron for the French Presidency.

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