Westminster Terror Incident – Key Points of Second Statement & More Updates

These are the full details of the second police statement I mentioned earlier. It was delivered by the Head of Counter-Terrorism and Acting Deputy Police Commissioner Mark Rowley.

He confirmed that

  • Four people have died including one police officer and the attacker,
  • The attacker ploughed into pedestrians on Westminster Bridge, crashed the car into the railing, then exited the car to continue the attack in which he stabbed a policeman, before he was gunned down, connecting the two incidents
  • Police are working on the assumption that there is only one attacker,

  • Two people have been killed on Westminster Bridge, and the other two killed were the police officer who was stabbed and the attacked who was gunned down,
  • Among the twenty people who were injured are three police officers, who were returning from a commendation,
  • The public should expect a heavier police presence on the streets of London in forthcoming days. He said: “Please be vigilant you will see more police officers armed and unarmed on the streets of London.”,
  • While massive resources have been deployed already, the police can call on the military if needed.

In other news, more details are emerging of the French students involved in the incident, more on this will come later, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has issued an official statement from the US State Department sending their thoughts and prayers to those involved and their families, and applauding the efforts of the British emergency services. Former Prime Minister David Cameron and other world leaders have taken to Twitter to share their reactions to the attack.

More as it comes.

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