Westminster Terror Incident – What we know so far

In the last two hours, what is being treated by New Scotland Yard as a ‘terror incident’ has occurred outside the Houses of Parliament at the Palace of Westminster in London.

According to reports, a police officer was stabbed outside the gates of the Palace, and the attacker was shot by police. In an incident which is being treated as related, several people were injured when a car hit them on Westminster Bridge. It is not yet known if the two incidents are in fact related, and how many people were involved with the incident on Westminster Bridge.

An air ambulance and armed police arrived on the scene, with casualties of the incident being treated. Armed police formed a perimeter around Parliament Square, with the Palace in a state of lock-down. The London Eye, which is situated across the river from the Palace, is also in lock-down, with some people locked in the attraction’s pods.

Shortly after the incident, the Prime Minister, Theresa May, was taken from the Palace to Downing Street. A statement has been released by Number 10 saying the Prime Minister is ‘okay’. Proceedings in Parliament were suspended, and MPs were held in lock-down in the Chamber from around 2:58PM to around 3:00PM, whereupon they were moved to another location.

The area surrounding Parliament has been cordoned off by police, with members of the public and journalists being held back from entering the vicinity of the Palace.

That is all that is know so far, a full report will be published once all details are known and the current media frenzy surrounding the incidents dies down.

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