WTI – Key points from the Prime Minister’s statement

Here are the key points from the statement given by Prime Minister Theresa May. Once I get text for the full statement I will post it here.

  • She described the attacks as “sick and depraved”,
  • She praised the exceptional bravery of police and security services who ran towards the danger as they encouraged others to move away, risking their lives, and paid tribute to the officer died,
  • She paid further tribute to actions of the emergency services, and commended their handling of the situation,
  • She described the location of the attack as “no accident”, saying that the attacker chose parliament because it stands for democracy, freedom and rule of law, which the attacker sought to disrupt,
  • She said that was why it is a target for those who reject those values, adding that any attempt to defeat those values through violence and terror is doomed to fail.
  • She confirmed that Parliament will be open as normal tomorrow,
  • She encouraged everyone to go about their lives as normal tomorrow.

The Prime Minister did not take questions. She struck quite a defiant tone, echoing sentiments expressed by all those who have made statements encouraging Londoners and everyone to go about their lives as normal.

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