WTI – What we know so far – recap

Here’s a recap of all the key details we have so far:

  • Four people have been killed and another twenty injured in what is being treated by police as a terror incident,
  • Police are satisfied there was only one attacker involved,
  • Two of the four people killed include a police officer, who was stabbed by the attacker, and the attacker himself who was shot down following his attack,
  • He carried out the attack by ploughing into pedestrians at Westminster Bridge, crashing his car into the railing at the Palace and stabbing the police officer, before being gunned down,
  • MP and Foreign Minister Tobias Ellwood attempted to resuscitate the police officer, but he died of his injuries and was pronounced dead at the scene,
  • A group of French students and students from the North West of England were among those injured,
  • Five London hospitals have treated those injured, including twelve suffering major injuries and eight treated for less serious injuries at the scene,
  • The Home Secretary, Mayor of London, Leader of the Opposition, and the Prime Minister have all made statement condemning the attack,
  • Large areas of central London were cordoned off,
  • Parliamentary proceedings were suspended and the Palace placed under lock-down for several hours, but business shall resume as normal tomorrow.

The Prime Minister has just finished her statement, I will post a summary of her main points in a few minutes.

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