Westminster Terror Incident – Update

More details have emerged overnight and this morning regarding the Terror Incident at Westminster. Here are the main points:

  • In a statement, New Scotland Yard has released a revised death toll. Last night, official figures put the death toll at five, but this has been revised to four. This death toll includes the attacker, who remains unnamed, and the police officer who was stabbed, identified in this statement by Mark Rowley as PC Keith Palmer, a 48-year-old husband and father, with 15 years of police service under his belt.
  • The death toll also includes two members of the public – a woman in her mid-40s named after the statement as Aysha Frade, a teacher and mother of two from Spain, and a man in his mid-50s.

  • Acting Deputy Commissioner Mark Rowley declined to comment as to whether or not the attacker was a British national.
  • He also revised the number of those who were injured, saying that twenty-nine people have been injured, with seven in a critical condition – revised down from forty last night.
  • Raids have been conducted in Birmingham and elsewhere, which are related to the incident. In the raids, seven arrests were made at six addresses in Birmingham, London, and elsewhere.
  • He also asked journalists who would be investigating the incident not to name the attacker.
  • Deputy Speaker of the House of Commons Lindsay Hoyle, who suspended Commons proceedings following the attack, has appeared on television today, expressing his sadness at the deaths and injuries caused by the attacker, and praising the work of emergency services.
  • Sir Michael Fallon, the Defence Secretary, appeared on Radio 4’s today programme to reiterate the statement already made by Mark Rowley.
  • Just after the start of Parliamentary business the morning, a minute’s silence will take place in Parliament.

This is just a small update on everything that has emerged since last night, a more detailed summary can be found here. This summary does use the original figures – please bare this in mind when reading.

I will be resuming full coverage of developments here this afternoon, but I will continue to bring any significant developments as they come in throughout the day.

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