I haven’t been here in a while, BUT…


Because let’s be honest, the old design was boring. This is simplistic but stylish. I even have a picture of Parliament as my header.


Sooooo much has happened since I was last here. Emmanuel Macron won the French election, which means I can stop being nice to him and slate him from being the neo-liberal he is, Theresa May made a very stupid move and called an early election asking for a huge majority, but ended up losing her majority (oops), and Donald Trump is still being Donald Trump, but there are doubts he’s still gonna be here by the end of the year.

And Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon got announced. That’s my Christmas present sorted.

But yeah, now it’s the summer expect more posts from me. Well, not as many as there normally would be, as Parliament has just gone into recess, which is annoying. But there’s still a lot going on America, and you can expect me to be covering most of what goes on and giving my own opinion and take on it.

It’s gonna be an eventful summer!

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