MPs prepare to vote on EU Withdrawal bill

Live from the House of Commons – Credit for feed goes to the Guardian

As the second day of debate continues on the EU Withdrawal bill, MPs are preparing for the crucial second reading debate, due to take place at midnight.

While some speculation ensued in the lead up to the debate that the bill would be struck down by a rebellion of Tory MPs, many of them who previously indicated that they would vote against the bill have since said that they would vote in favour of the bill on the condition that significant amendments be made while it is in committee, in order to curtail certain sections of the bill seen as a power grab.

While Labour has a three line whip to vote against the bill, it is thought that up to 20 Labour MPs are preparing to defy the whip and vote in favour of the bill, so as to not be seen as attempting to block Brexit.

The debate is due to be wound up by David Lidington, the Justice Secretary, and I will be live-blogging the end of the debate and the five expected votes on various amendments, including the Labour amendment, from 11PM.

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