The Democratic Party has clearly learned nothing from the election

Imagine you’re one of the 447 members of the Democratic National Committee. You’re about to cast your ballot in the election for a new chairperson. While there are six candidates, it’s come down to just two. The first is Tom Perez, former Labor Secretary, political centrist, establishment favourite, and Hillary supporter. The other is Keith Ellison, Representative from Minnesota, co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, left-wing, grassroots and blue collar workers favourite, and Bernie supporter. After an election in which the Democratic Party lost the vote of the working classes, and screwed over their Progressive wing when the DNC rigged the primary against Bernie when he was the better candidate, surely the logical thing to do would be to target the working class vote with a progressive message?

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You know what? Screw it. #EnMarche

Despite whatever reservations I may have had about Emmanuel Macron in the past, he might be the last hope the Progressive Left has in Europe to make a comeback.
As much as I like Benoit Hamon, and as much as I think he would make an absolutely fantastic President of France, I do not believe he’d be able to get the support of the French electorate he would need to be elected, which is unfortunate, as not only is he a talented politician, he is a perfect example of the radicalism that defines the French left, and French politics as a whole.

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French Presidential Election – Update

Unsurprisingly, Benoit Hamon has swept to victory in the second round of the Primary, beating ex-Prime Minister Manuel Valls 59% to 41% to be the party’s nominee. Let’s be honest – Valls was never going to win. He’s a centrist – there is no appetite for centre-ground politics anymore (he’s more right wing than Emmanuel Macron). It was always going to be one of the two left wing rebels, either Hamon or Arnaud Montebourg.
But this puts me in an awkward position. Before the primary, when it was assumed that Valls was going to win, it seemed as if the Socialists would be relegated to 5th place in the election, behind the Far-Left candidate, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, with Emmanuel Macron as the only hope of the Broad Left (or, as a throwback to Mitterand’s days, the Plural Left).

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The Fragmented Nature of French Politics

Had I published this post when I originally intended, on Saturday, it would contain my enthusiastic endorsement of Emmanuel Macron for the French Presidency.
But then the Socialists had the first round of their Primary, and Benoit Hamon came out on top, beating out both Arnaud Montebourg (my original endorsement) and Manuel Valls, the latter of which will face Hamon in the run-off, which is being held as I am writing this. Arnaud Montebourg, who, even as I prepared to throw my endorsement behind Macron (even though my endorsement would make no difference, I’m just an English schoolboy), I still hoped could make some sort of comeback, directed his supporters to vote for Hamon in the second round.
Some of you reading this may be asking why this makes a difference, and why I don’t just endorse Macron anyway.

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The Four Year Battle for America’s soul

Stay strong, America. It’s your job to stand up against Trump. To stand up for everyone, be they working class, LGBT, Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, citizen, immigrant, white, brown, black. To defend freedom of press, freedom of speech, assembly, expression. To keep the hope alive. Rebellions are built on hope. Don’t let Trump sow the seeds of division, racism, homophobia, transphobia, and xenophobia. The next four years will be hard, but once they’re over, it’ll be your turn to truly make America great again.